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Kymbr Mundstock, Mother, Author, Dollmaker, Homeschooler, Writing Coach, Crafter, Gamer and Star.

Freehold Village

Freehold Village is an idea we came up a while ago, but it wasn't until we wound up with a piece of land in North Edwards that we owned, but couldn't live on, that we decided to actually impliment it.  We coldn't live on it because the county required established water and septic to live on it full time and the costs for a permenent water system in the desert were far out of our budget. But to do occassional events on the property, we were allowed to rent temprary facilities. 


        We had the idea of doing a camp, a Live Action Role Playing camp, where players of all ages could come and play. Staff would play the roles of the townspeople, villains, and anyone else needed to immerse the players in an adventure. They would have guild halls to learn and advance in their classes, shops to buy supplies in, a tavern to gather, eat and find shelter. The story hooks could be from monsters attacking the village, politics within the village, magic effects on the village or any of a hundred other ideas. But players could explore and find the adventures they sought.


          Then we had the idea of expanding it to appeal to a greater audience by allowing one day entry to a village market type of event, with buskers, vendors of food and wares, and other activities anyone could participate in.


           Then, we had the idea of making the market faires be themed. A Halloween Faire and a Christmas Faire seemed obvious choices.


        What about events that weren't Medieval, like Stargazing party to watch the meteor shower, or a Glow in the dark party with light up carnival games and activities? What about showing a movie?


           What about one day events like an Easter Egg Hunt or a 5K run with zombies? Fathers' Day event with a Foam Dart Battle, a Mother's day Pampering event with childcare? A Madrigal Feast with carolers and medieval food? A tea party with fairies, a squires' combat training?


Our twenty acres is about a quarter mile by about an eighth of a mile, with a series of large hills/ small mountains on the southern edge and flat land for the rest.   The first step in this process will be to have an official survey done an put up fences. We also need to negotiate with our neighbors the use of their land to allow access to ours. This may require us to buy their land or lease a part of it.

We intend on building a series of guild halls as the basis for the village. A guard house for security, weapons training, and fighter resources. A Temple for first aid, wisdom skills and cleric resources. A library for information gathering and mage resources. A Thieves guild for underworld information and rogue resources. 


Eventually, we intend to add other locations to the village like a cemetery, tavern, shop, maybe even a small playground. Outside the main village we intend to build a wizard's tower, a sunken maze, a oasis, a fairy forest, and if things really go well, a castle with another restaurant, more guest rooms and other event space.

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