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Kymbr Mundstock, Mother, Author, Dollmaker, Homeschooler, Writing Coach, Crafter, Gamer and Star.

Books by Kymbr


Family Vamkudza Book One- Lies That Blind‚Äč


           In a world where children are precious not only for their youth and spirit, but for the votes the represent, what would cause a child to be considered for execution? 

           Karri Britt is the oldest girl from her very large at her school, Akademia Balaleofric Plutarch, and therefore responsible for all all siblings. But when a new sister is placed in her care, a girl who is surrounded by rumor and fear, suspected of hurting so many. Can Karri find the good in the girl or will more children be hurt or worse?


Family Vamkudza Book Two

Ring and a Prey'r


A holiday with the family, what could go wrong?

     The holidays are here and the families are gathering. For the Britts that means hundreds of children and many more adults. But that is just the beginning of the gathering.

By The Hair Trilogy



We've all heard the tale of the girl in the tower, of the witch and the child, the hair and the power. But what if the story was more than you knew, the "witch" rescued the baby and cared for her too. 





This Trilogy tells the classic tale of Rapunzel from several points of view beginning before the "witch" gained power and continuing to a true happy ending for all. Read each part separately in Maiden's Plait, Witch's Tangle and Ladies' Locks, or read them all in one volume in Plaited, Tangled Locks.


Maiden's Plait


Witch's Tangle


Ladies' Locks


Witch's Tangle


Ladies' Locks

Ladies' Locks

Plaited, Tangled Locks


Laurie was at a loss after her parents' death until she recieved an offer to be wealthier than her wildest dreams. All she had to give up was who she was.


Short Stories




Papa told her to be perfect. But how can she be and follow her programming?

Be the Hero

Six tales of heroics in everyday lives.


Nick and Me

Nick may be a saint, but when people don't behave for his treats, it's my turn.



Ornamental Countdown

Directions for making an ornament in either fabric, paper or candy each day of the twelve days counting down to Christmas. 

Coming soon!!!


Family Vamkudza Book Three: Goth to the Blame

Onramental Countdown

Book Two

Felt, Glue and Beads

Welcome to the Community 

First book in a new series


I Eat Weird Food: A Cookbook of my Low-carb, Allergen free recipes

I Wouldn't Be Who I Am If I Hadn't Been Where I've Been: an autobiography

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